XpertNotes is going secure!

You will notice that the site is now using an SSL certificate. We are also forcing HTTPS to ensure your privacy while using this site.  In this day and age, there is just no excuse for not doing it.  SSL certificates are getting super cheap, some of them are even free.

You may ask why a site like ours needs to be secured. I’m not selling anything and our donations page simply points you to other secured sites.  There is no money moving on this site, so who cares?  The answer is simple, we care.  We want you to trust us.  We want the Internet to remain private and free for the public to use without fear of your passwords, usernames or other information you may share here being compromised.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are now blasting warnings to users when a form field is not on a secured page.  While many find it annoying, many more find it annoying when their private information is compromised.  I love the movement to a Secure Web!  This should have been done long ago.