can Vi die already? Please????


Look, I really appreciate you Linux guys that have been around since the creation.  Without you, many of us would not have learned Linux in the first place. My issue is not with you, but rather the fact that some of you insist on using a text editor that requires memorization of key combination commands that just is not necessary!

I am begging you, please stop writing modern articles on how to do things with Linux using Vi.  It’s like giving a brand new Lincoln a flat head ford V-8.  Sure it’s cool, but it’s not frigging practical now, is it?

Can I suggest that if you Linux Guru’s are going to write articles that are geared towards us noobs that you use the tools that we would prefer to use, something easy like say, Nano?  Look it has help on the screen!  I don’t have to memorize anything!  I can actually do this and concentrate on understanding what I am working on instead of constantly trying to figure out the editor!

You cooperation in helping us Noobs is greatly appreciated!