Windows 8.1 Preview Installation Issues

Warning – Opinionated political content included!

While installing Windows 8.1 Preview I was dismayed to see that Microsoft is forcing use of a Microsoft Account.  Fortunately, according to sources, the final release will have an option to use a local account.  What bugs me is the approach Microsoft takes to your security.  They seem very self confident.  As a Microsoft user and technician, I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw my computer.

That said, I found that if you simply disconnect the network during installation, you will be given the opportunity to create a local account.  This, of course, excludes you from downloading updated installation files or activating the product during installation.  A small price to pay for a little privacy.

An optional method it to simply enter a bogus email address when asked.  The installation will think that the account is temporarily unreachable and then offer the option to create a local account.  Not as clean, but effective.

Personally, I believe Microsoft has gone down the wrong path with Windows 8.  Forcing users into a tablet environment on their desktops was bad enough.  Now with the addition of forced Microsoft accounts, you are being asked to locate your documents and other information in their “cloud” (I hate that term, it’s a server connected the Internet). With the constant government invasion into our privacy (abuse of the Patriot Act) and the plethora of hackers trying to get our identities, why would anyone think this is is Ok?

I can see Microsoft losing market share to Apple in a hurry.  I know I just gave a way out in this article, but how many people will just go along with the plan?  Too much Big Brother if you ask me…