Debug: G=C800:5

Anyone remember that? I almost forgot, until a customer brought in this AT&T PC6300 to sell on eBay.  Being the Vintage computer nut that I am.  I could not resist the challenge.  Here was a piece of history that was so close to being fully functional, I couldn’t stand it! ATT_PC6300

The only problem was that the massive 20MB Seagate ST225 MFM hard drive, would not format or read.  Reaching back in the archives of my dust filled and cob web choked brain, I remembered that these drives typically needed a “Low Level” format.  What to do?  I couldn’t remember the debug command, seriously, I haven’t used that command in at least 20 years!  Then it dawned on me – Go ask Google!  Google knows all!  Google even knows “what is the answer to life the universe and everything

While Digging through the Google archives I found this article by Microsoft that brought the old brain cells back to life: Using DEBUG to Start a Low-Level Format. Now all I needed were the proper specs and would be able to breathe life back into this beast!  I found an old DOS program called Hard drive Specs at that had the information I needed!

An hour later VIOLA! IT’S ALIVE… IT’S ALIVE!!!

Now I sit at a blinking C:> prompt wondering what to do with it…