Switched my home computer to Linux – Here’s why:


Two things that bother me to no end, paying for advertisements and spying on me to push targeted advertising at me.  This is why I will not pay for cable or satellite TV or services like HULU.  It’s also why I will pay for Netflix and SiriusXM radio that do not cram advertising down my throat.

Then along comes Windows 10.  I drank the kool-aid.  Free Upgrade!  WooHoo!  I shoulda known better…

Nothing comes out of Redmond for free, there is ALWAYS a cost.  As I started discovering that Windows 10 comes with a lot of tracking “features” turned on by default, I also noticed that I was getting ads very similar to items I’ve searched for on the web.  Ok so it sounds a little paranoid, it’s just cookies, right?  That’s what I thought, until after the anniversary update and suddenly I see adds in the notification area.

Nope, Microsoft, you’ve violated my privacy for the last time.

Then there’s the hardware problems.  My webcam worked before the anniversary update, as well as my RAID, leaving me with an un-bootable system ( at least until I found a fix for the RAID issue).  Why do I have to be the beta tester?

I’m not paying for anyone to break my computer and shove ads at me.  I’ve found a new home that allows me to control the updates, the drivers, the software.  Ubuntu 16.04LTS with Cinnamon.  Add a little wine and all is fine!