Why I use Remote Desktop Manager

Managing 54 servers for my company is a daunting task.  Long before virtualization, there was Remote Desktop, VNC, SSH and other remote access tools that we all installed on our servers so we could manage them from our desktops.  After virtualization cam along this became even more important.  Virtual machines add the challenge of not having a physical system to logon to and requires some type of remote access.

Add in all of the workstations, customers that need help desk support, multiple technicians, developers and admins that need access to the same resources and suddenly your system looks like a garbage pit for remote access tools!  Which tools do I use to access the Exchange Server?  How do I connect to one of the Linux Web Servers? Why can’t we all just get along?

One day Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) showed up in a search for a tool that would help me bring it all together. RDM gives me a place to organize and use those tools in a way that I can quickly find the system I need, connect to it, do my job and document it all in one place!  Even better is the ability to share this with my entire team, which means if anyone of us creates a connection, it is immediately available to the rest of us.  No more email instructions, training or waiting for someone to document their changes.

Time is money!  RDM makes the best use of my time so I can spend it on more important things, like making bacon!

You can get your copy of RDM here: http://devolutions.net/ref/545020